Sam & Max on the iPhone? Yes please

Gizmodo’s been playing with a LucasArts games emulator that works fine and dandy on the iPhone, and says:

I wonder if the LucasArts people will see this and decide to partner with Apple to release updated and higher resolution versions of—at least—the Monkey Island, Indy and Sam&Max series. Or maybe Blizzard can release the good old Starcraft or Warcraft, two games that will play perfectly in this platform. Call me a nostalgic, but I would get them all.

As Alec Meer writes on the excellent Rock, Paper, Shotgun, which is rapidly becoming my favourite gaming site:

…a touch-screen phone with which I can pretend Sam & Max Hit The Road is still as funny as I thought it was ten years ago? Ooh. And yes, I know I could already do this on a horrible Windows Mobile Smartphone, but those are, as I say, horrible.