More on iPhone headphones

I’m indebted to Andi, who sent me a link to a round-up of various iPhone phones. Looks like the V-Moda Vibe Duos are the ones to get.

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I just can’t get on with those type of earphones. Possibly the ones supplied with the SE K800i were rubbish though.

I’m looking for a Bluetooth headphone adapter — want to use my own headphones — and the last one I tried had appalling hissy sound quality. Anyone know of any that are cheap yet not crap? I’m looking at the Jabra BT320s, the Siemens HHB-750, and the Sony Ericsson HBH-DS200, but reviews of the sound quality of the adapters themselves — rather than the headphones that come with them — are not to be found.

I’ve got a Jabra headset that is pretty good from a build quality perspective. I would recommend Sony Ericsson for anything any more. That’s 2 SE phones in 2 years that both have had serious reliability/build quality issues.

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