Leopard ate my wi-fi

If your wi-fi’s been flaky since installing Leopard (mine was disappearing every few seconds, forcing me to turn Airport off and back on again each time), this might be the answer:

* Find the AppleAirPort2.kext file in Macintosh HD/System/Library/Extensions and delete it

* Launch Software Update and install (or reinstall) the Login & Keychain update

* Restart

It did the trick on my Powerbook, anyway.





0 responses to “Leopard ate my wi-fi”

  1. Still haven’t upgraded… bit scared, to be honest. I’m still getting used to the iMac!

  2. I got my very first Mac (a gorgeous 24″ iMac) a couple of weeks ago. It came with Tiger but I got the Leopard disk after a few days and upgraded.

    AirPort as been fine for me, although there have been a couple of oddities. The Dock disappeared for a few minutes for some reason (and came back of its own accord) and iPhoto has complained a couple of time when rotating photos. But, so far I’m seriously impressed – it’s such an easy to use OS

  3. Oh, a 24″, eh? Well I was going to get one of those but I thought it was a bit pretentious. Plus I was a bit short of mumble mumble…

    Jealous? ME??