iPhone ownership is like school dinner custard

…there are runny bits, and there are lumpy bits.

The runny bits:

* The iPhone in general. It’s a superb wi-fi web tablet, a great iPod, ideal for boring people senseless with baby photos and it makes the odd phone call too.

* Integration between iPhone apps. It – ahem – just works.

* The keyboard. Once you realise you can generally trust the autocorrect, it’s very, very fast.

* Syncing with iCal and iTunes. Doddle.

* Visual voicemail.

* Free Wi-Fi (provided of course you’re near hotspots).

* Ownership joy. Every single person who’s seen it loves it.

* Standard dock connector – which means it works with my existing chargers and my in-car stuff. Hurrah.

The lumpy bits:

* EDGE. Coverage round here is non-existent. If you know Glasgow, EDGE coverage seems to disappear once you get to Anniesland, let alone further north, which isn’t very impressive. Not sure what it’s like outside the city but I don’t imagine it’s great. Or there at all.

* EDGE. Even when you can get it, it’s shit. Downloading emails via an EDGE connection reminds me of the bad old days with a Psion Series 3 and an infra-red mobile phone connection.

* The headphones. They’re not bad, but they’re not great either. So you have a choice: get an ugly adapter for your existing phones and forget about hands-free; get an expensive adapter for your existing phones so you can still get hands-free; or get an expensive set of phones with hands-free built in.

* Various minor irritants. Mail needs filters; the horrible typeface in the Notes application; detection scripts that give you a mobile version of websites instead of the full-fat ones (fine when you’re on evil EDGE, but annoying on Wi-Fi);  the lack of copy and paste; it’s very easy to dial the wrong contact; the lack of ability to use your own tunes as ringtones without hitting the hacking sites.

* Mugger fear. I’ve never had mugger fear with a normal iPod, but then a normal iPod doesn’t have a big “look at me! Look at me! I am very bad at fighting!” screen that’s visible from space. A proper remote on the headphones wouldn’t be a bad idea.

* Contract costs. It’s cheaper than a Blackberry (on O2 at least) but £35/month is still a lot of money for a mobile. Unless you’re a real power user, the combination of your existing mobile and an iPod Touch would give you pretty much the same amount of fun. And mugger fear. I’d definitely recommend a protective case and phone insurance (O2’s own handset insurance isn’t too pricey).

And that’s pretty much it.