Yaydiohead! Radiohead do digital, don’t do DRM

Radiohead have finally joined the digital music party, albeit in their own way: they’re selling albums, not songs (£6.99 apiece, so that’s about 50p per track), they’re going through 7Digital.com, not iTunes, and the files are 320Kbps MP3s – which means no DRM or compatibility issues.





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  1. Doesn’t change the fact it’s still Radiohead, though.

  2. mupwangle

    On the subject of Radiohead, they seem to be selling their new album on-line for 46p. 45p handling charge plus whatever you feel the album is worth. (it doesn’t accept 0)

    You can also buy a box-set with 2×12″ discs, 2xCDs (one of which is the downloadable album and the other isn’t) with extra photographs and stuff for £40 (inc P&P)