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Postmen hate Logic Studio 8

If there’s an award for “heaviest software box in the history of the world”, Logic Studio 8 may just win it. It contains more manuals than you can shake a stick at, and the Getting Started manual alone is an epic. And the box contains more DVDs than the holdalls of those shifty movie pirates who approach you in the pub (you get all the Apple Jam Packs, loads of software instruments and the programs too).

Haven’t actually installed it yet but based on the packaging, I’d give it 10/10.

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MicroLogic’s manual was the size of a teach-yourself-JCL book, so I can only imagine how much documentation the full version must take. Or I could only imagine it if you hadn’t just told me. I always say you know when you’re buying a proper bit of electric music kit because the manual’s huge. Well, not always; I’ve said it at least once before. And by “at least once” I mean “once”.

Just got a new mixer and a USB mixer interface thing, and they both have massive manuals that are going to take weeks to read. Cool.

The program’s hefty too. I’ve managed to reduce the install from 46GB to 26GB. Bet you after it finally installs it throws a fit ’cause i want to run it on a G4 laptop.

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