EMF are reforming

Yes, they are.

As No Rock ‘N’ Roll Fun puts it:

So, that’s Shed 7, MC Hammer, the Inspiral Carpets and EMF all on tour in the UK at roughly the same time. No wonder nobody’s bothered to invent time travel; there’s nothing bloody left in the past to go back and visit.

9 thoughts on “EMF are reforming

  1. Squander Two says:

    Cool. EMF were utterly fantastic. The one time I saw them live, the mix was kind of fucked up by a dodgy engineer (drums ten times louder than everything else put together), so it’ll be nice to try again.

    It’s a shame James’s band Cooler didn’t get anywhere. I think the label folded just before the album came out. The singles were incredible.

    I met Ian once. Nice bloke.

  2. Alex says:

    >EMF were utterly fantastic

    I’m assuming you’re talking about an EMF other than the sub-Jesus Jones chancers responsible for rubbish like ‘Unbelievable’?

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