Bulldog broadband: broken?

Anyone else having problems with either Bulldog Broadband or Netgear routers?

I’m discovering most mornings that my broadband connection is either dead or pretending to be. Router status says I’m connected at supermegafastspeed, but opening a page or email takes five minutes if it works at all. The only solution seems to be to reboot the router, after which everything seems fine again.

So the problem’s either Bulldog or my router, and if it’s the latter it’s Netgear-specific (I’ve had the same issues with two different Netgear routers).

Anyone got any ideas?





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  1. Ben

    My old router used to do the same thing, if you didn’t use it for a couple of hours it played dead.

    Just keep a-restarting. Tis a PIA.

  2. Hi there

    Yup have had problems with netgear router and it is not aoly connection but signal cover to my home.

    Had to wait almost 2 weeks to hav it replaced I am with AOL and they were worse than useless with that issue and identifying that the router was not functioning. they are also usless in provinding a service for people with LLI as there is no way to turn off the extrainious advertising that is hard wired into the site and Vista has not yet been harmonised for pop up controle. Using cimputers and the internet is purgitry for LLI people and the rest of the uman race can’t see why. I may be a bit cynical, but I find that people only hold interest when somthing can be converted into gain for themselves. It is difficult or has been shall I say to demonstrate why one can give such consice overview to process or system or indeed a line of problem solving and without such a proof the world is sceptical and dissbeiving.

    Sorry about your router issue it’s not good and if you like to send a mail re LLI or ADDH it would be great to hear from you. Ings

  3. Manny

    Your routers are fine it is that after a few hours of inactivity they go to sleep like state. Depending on your harware when you connect to the internet they should automatically turn on if not then you just need to unplug router and plug back in and 30 seconds later you are surfing again. I don’t know if it is me only but when I enable adblock plus on my netgear it kills the internet. It won’t go to any pages all the lights on router and modem are on and it is sending and receiving all packets I guess the adblock is preventing the internet connection. I am using firefox I am wondering if it’s just me or anyone else has had this problem with Netgear.