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Amazon launches its MP3 site

And it seems pretty good:

I’ve been thinking about buying Amy Winehouse’s album, but it was £12 at HMV (sod that) and it’s not in iTunes Plus on the iTMS, which means a lousy 128kbps file. But lo, at Amazon it’s a 256kbps, non-DRM MP3! And the whole album is like $9!

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Thanks, I can’t claim any credit beyond the taste required to choose it, but it is nice!

I believe the honourable gentleman is somewhat deficient in said taste.

Heh. They’ll have you tapping your toes next ;-)

I think certain elements of the record industry will be hoping they lose truckloads on this. If all the established artists decide to go DIY when they’re out of contract, that means an end to the “big acts finance new acts” business model.

Incidentally, I do think what they’ve come up with is inspired. Pay what you want for the download, or buy the fancy-dan physical thing and get the download too. And get the whole thing as soon as it’s ready, not according to press/radio/etc schedules. Which is fine when you’re as established as radiohead, of course.

In other news, the new Girls Aloud album is scheduled for release on my birthday. Coincidence? I think not.

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