Fake Steve Jobs Strikes Again

On desktop Linux:

You’ve had sixteen years to try and build a desktop operating system, and you still can’t get your shit together. Nobody wants your software. It’s not Microsoft’s fault. It’s yours. Because trust me, if you truly developed a kick-ass OS with tens of thousands of drivers and easy installation and reliable performance, you’d be winning. But you’re not. Firefox caught on, right? Why? Because it rocked.

Most consistently entertaining tech blogger? I think so.





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  1. Agreed: FSJ is consistently laugh-out-loud hilarious. Other gems: his take on IBM and Al Gore.

    But I think it was Gruber who came up with the definitive reason why Linux failed, and continues to fail, on the desktop: Ronco Spray-On Usability. (It’s basically that user interface design is really hard, and no-one in Linux land cares about it, because they see it as barely-relevant prettification of the tech.)

  2. Gary

    Yeah, that’s a superb post.

  3. Haha, that was hilarious. I have no idea why I haven’t checked this out before, having heard of it a lot, but I am subscribing to this now.

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