Bye bye white iPod?

iMacs go aluminium, iPhone already out… pretty obvious what the next iPod’s going to look like, isn’t it?

Quick notes on the Apple keynote: iMacs are pretty but there’s a bit of a price jump there (cheapest iMac yesterday was £679, now it’s $200 more in the US. UK prices aren’t up as I type this); iWork seems to have taken a big leap forward and will make hay while MS Office languishes in delay hell; iWeb’s new features seem to be Google, Google and Google although its new support for personal domains falls into the about-bloody-time too category; it’ll be interesting to see how the new keyboard feels, because it looks like an RSI disaster area; big leap forward in iMovie, iPhoto looks a bit better and .mac gets a long overdue upgrade; reports of Mac Mini’s death premature; iMacs going aluminium is yet another sign that the white iPod’s going to be replaced with something like the iPhone.

As for the Q&A: no questions about Fake Steve Jobs? Sheesh.