Wii will hurt you

For all I love Nintendo’s Wii and reckon it’s a work of genius, I’m really not sure about the Wiimote from an ergonomic point of view. As someone who’s had repetitive strain injury for years I’m pretty good at keeping the symptoms at bay (so RSI-inducing games such as Rayman Raving Rabbids are a no-no), but over the last week my right hand has started doing the “hello! I’m a claw!” thing anyway. It doesn’t look great, and it’s really rather uncomfortable.

The culprit? Resident Evil 4, or rather using the Wiimote for RE4. Rather alarmingly, just 20 minutes of holding the Wiimote with fingers poised over the A and B buttons is enough to give me crab hands – whereas *hours* on the Xbox don’t cause any ill-effects at all. I’m beginning to think that what’s fine for Wii Tennis – a controller with all the ergonomics of a house brick – is a really bad idea for other games.

I know some of you have Wiis and don’t have RSI (as far as I’m aware) – are you experiencing sore hands from gaming with the Wiimote?