The new Linkin Park album is pretty good

There’s a sentence I never thought I’d write – but it’s true. It’s not a masterpiece by any means – it’s derivative as hell, and the band don’t seem to be sure whether they want to be Faith No More, U2 or (on occasion) Radiohead – but as someone who likes Faith No More, U2 and Radiohead that’s no bad thing. Plus, the annoying rapper bloke barely raps, which I’m sure you’ll agree is A Good Thing.





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  1. ” Producer Rick Rubin agrees about Linkin Park, “They really are reinventing themselves, it doesn’t sound like rap-rock. There’s very strong songwriting. It’s very melodic…a progressive record.” ”

    This has been in our ( #music IRC channel for a while now, not sure why. Maybe it’s because we are mostly prog heads.

    I’ve been tempted to just listen to one of the songs on the radio or something but I just can’t bring myself to it :(

    Doesn’t the lead vocalist have cancer or something?

  2. Gary

    Rick Rubin? That explains why I like it then. He’s great.

    Hadn’t heard anything about cancer, no, but then I’m not down with the kids these days…

  3. Ok, nevermind. I tried finding the article but I just can’t remember where I saw it. Might have been a death threat or something, though I am not quite sure how that works out.

  4. Gary

    They did cancel a tour a while back because he was very ill. Can’t remember any details though, and can’t be arsed googling :)

  5. > Rick Rubin? That explains why I like it then. He’s great.

    Yes, quite. In other words, it’s basically another great Rick Rubin record, and Linkin Park happened to be involved. Take him out of the equation and I’m sure they’d revert to pish. Even his Jay-Z record was good.

    See also Madonna and William Orbit.