Is The Sun pockling its page views?

I meant to blog about this ages ago, and now I’ve forgotten where I first saw it mentioned. Never mind: is The Sun pockling its page views? Yes. Is it doing it deliberately? Don’t know, but it’s really annoying: when you click a headline on the front page, it takes you to the appropriate section rather than the story you’ve clicked on – which means the server records an extra page view thanks to the unnecessary intermediary page. It’s extremely irritating.






0 responses to “Is The Sun pockling its page views?”

  1. Is it just me or are most newspaper sites pretty badly made anyway? Last year I found out about SQL Injection problems with a local paper and they didn’t do anything to fix it. Though, I like NY Times, Guardian and The Times sites.

  2. Gary

    Locals are usually crap, yeah. Nationals are usually better, with the shining exception of Scotland’s Daily Record and Sunday Mail. And the Sunday Herald. They’re all appalling.

  3. The trouble with a lot of newspaper sites is that they’ve clearly been designed according to the demands of people who think that the Web should be more like newspapers. Forcing users to make extra clicks is just a new version of “Continued on page 13”.

  4. Gary

    Whoever did the recent Sun redesign made some other big errors too, like Sun TV video windows set to autoplay. Exceptionally annoying.

  5. Ben

    It won’t be a designer who designed the site, it’ll be a “consultant” who know jack-sh*t about web design!

  6. Gary

    Bad experience with consultants, Ben? Go on. Share your pain.

  7. > It won’t be a designer who designed the site, it’ll be a “consultant” who know jack-sh*t about web design!

    Sadly, whoever designed the site was a designer. Maybe they shouldn’t be a designer; maybe, the moment they first thought, “Hey, I could do a bit of Web design,” they should have been assassinated; but they are a Web designer.