iPhone: Gruber has spoken. Well, typed

I’ve been taking the iPhone coverage so far with a big pinch of salt (does Walter Mossberg ever dislike anything Apple, btw? Not a slam, genuinely interested…) because Apple isn’t in the business of giving pre-launch review kit to anyone who’ll slag it off – and many of the first impressions pieces have been written by people who’ve camped out for days to get their hands on one, so they’re hardly unbiased observers either. So it’s interesting to see John Gruber’s take on it over at Daring Fireball: he says it’s 95% great, 5% not great. Of all the people wibbling about iPhones this weekend, he’s the one whose judgement I’m most likely to trust.

After reading his comments, I’m still convinced that I want one, and I’m equally convinced that I’ll wait – not just for the European launch, but for the arrival of a 3G model. My Blackberry does the internet-over-GPRS thing, and that sucks. It’s fine for push email and stuff like that, but for mobile internet access GPRS wants to party like it’s 1996.





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  1. mupwangle

    I´m still not convinced about the iphone. I´m surprised you want one after having a XDA. Touchscreen phones are atrocious. Other than the mess they get into after about 4 seconds of use – text input is utterly impossible without having to look at the screen.

  2. Gary

    Maybe I’m weird, but I look at the screen when I use my phone. And my computer too. I’m looking at the screen right now!

    XDA was all right. Clunky and unreliable, but all right.

  3. With predictive texting I think most people are used to having to look at the screen when typing… otherwise it’s nothing but “he” when you meant “if”, and “aunt” when you meant…, well, you get the idea.

  4. Gary

    Heh heh heh. My wife is finding predictive text very difficult just now, because she’s got my last phone – so I’ve added lots of frequently used words to the dictionary. Most of which are swear words.