Expecting too much from Apple

Financiers and fanboys alike seemed to find this year’s WWDC keynote rather disappointing, and I’ve written a piece over at about their reaction. Do we expect too much from Apple? I think so.

…Steve Jobs failed to announce new Macs, a teleport or a giant robot army. The Mac massive wanted something new and shiny on the scale of the iPod, but essentially got the iPod hi-fi instead.

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Well, it is a developers’ conference. Although the “iPhone SDK is Ajax!” announcement is arguably pretty disappointing for them too…

Yeah, I think Gruber nailed them on that. There’s a big difference between web apps and native apps, and it did feel as if Jobs was

More worryingly than that, the stuff about fast switching into/out of boot camp seems to have disappeared from I really hope that is just a site thing, because of everything in Leopard that’s the one that’s most useful for me.

bloody trackpads on laptops :) That first sentence should finish –

“it did feel as if jobs was trying to polish a turd”. Nowt wrong with AJAX apps, but it’s not what OS X developers wanted to hear about an OS X device. “Yes, you can write web pages!”

>>I really hope that is just a site thing,

Apparently not. Someone at the conference claims that they were taking to one of the bootcamp engineers who confirmed that it ain’t going to happen.

Does anyone use Safari though? The three browsers I use the most (Firefox, Camino and Seamonkey) are all Mozilla derived and work fine (Seamonkey I only ever use for its Composer tool).

I keep forgetting that people still use IE and other, non-mozilla browsers.

I use it occasionally, but I prefer Firefox because of adblocking, adblocking and adblocking. And FireFTP. And adblocking.

I love me that Firefox action! Firebug, Greasemonkey, DownloadHelper, dictionaries, nicely small themes, tabs that don’t look like shit (have you seen IE 7??)…’s the browser that actually improves my enjoyment of the web instead of just supplying a frame for it.

Yeah, it’s interesting that in all the stuff about web-based apps, AJAX and all that blah, Firefox is often forgotten about. It’s an application platform in its own right.

I know Safari does have some plugins, but the range for FF is much bigger and all the FF ones are free (as far as I can tell, anyway – never seen a paid-for one).

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