Book joy

Idly wandering around Amazon last night I discovered that not one, not two but three of my favourite authors have new books out or coming out in the next week. Yippee! They are:

  • Hurricane Punch by Tim Dorsey. Serge Storms is back!
  • The Watchman by Robert Crais. Elvis Cole is back! Well, Joe Pike is.
  • The Overlook by Michael Connolly. Harry Bosch is back!

They’re all out now bar the last one, which comes out on Monday. And there’s a new Christopher Brookmyre (Attack of the Unsinkable Rubber Ducks) due in August.





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  1. I just finished Hurricane Punch. It’s as good as you’d expect. It also contains one of the greatest car-chase maneouvres ever.

    I wish someone would start filming them. Steve Zahn would be perfect as Coleman. And Vince Vaughn might be a pretty good Serge.

  2. On topic, but off something: No Country For Old Men read like a Coen brothers movie. If ever there’s a film made of it…oh…

    Oprah’s book of the month is The Road. I almost wish I had a telly to see the hangover from that.

  3. Attack of the Unsinkable Rubber Ducks?

    Uh, oh, that sounds like a lot of mayhem, blood and gore. In other words, another good read from Brookmyre.

    Can someone remind me in August? Otherwise I’ll forget it again and complain in October why didn’t anyone tell me…

  4. Gary

    It’s another Jack Parlabane one, apparently…

  5. Gary

    > No Country For Old Men read like a Coen brothers movie. If ever there’s a film made of it…oh…

    Heh. I thought the same actually. Fingers crossed the movie lives up to the potential.

  6. Gary

    BTW, I reckon you’d like Don Winslow’s “the power of the dog” and “the winter of frankie machine”. Superb novels both (I’m three-quarters of the way through the latter).

  7. Noted. I’m building up to having another run at Don Quixote now I’ve found a (I’m told) decent translation. Mind you, I am building up to it by filling my head with Mickey Spillane.

  8. Just finished Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. Could hardly put it down. Absolutely brilliant.

    I know it’s not new but I somehow missed it when it came out. May have been the fuss that put me off: but this is one prize-winning book that’s actually good, believe it or not.