Biffovision: a review

Jonathan Deamer’s reviewed the pilot of Biffovision, a warped parody of kids’ TV from the mind of Mr Biffo.

I watched it in the wee small hours after one beer too many, which I suspect is the perfect viewing environment…





0 responses to “Biffovision: a review”

  1. Saw this when it first aired. Pretty good. I laughed at that one episode more than I did the entire first series of Snuff Box. Or, I suspect the entire nation did at both series of Tittybangbang.

  2. Gary

    Tittybangbang’s supposed to be funny?

  3. Yeah, TBB always just seemed like the sort of thing my student mates and I would film on our phone-cameras after a drunken night out. Biffovision is definitely “wee small hours” viewing though!