Rubbish keyboard? A good one’s only a tenner

As regular readers know, my RSI means I can’t abide horrible keyboards for long and I tend to get shot of the manufacturer-supplied one for something a little more finger friendly. Previously I’ve recommended Mac ones, but I’ve found a nifty PC one too: the logitech ultra-flat keyboard. It’s basically a  keyboard liberated from a laptop, and that means low profile keys, a small footprint and really nice action (man). Best of all it’s around £10 – £12 if you shop around.

Good keyboards are essential, I reckon. Not only do they help reduce the risk of RSI – clacky keyboards are bloody painful to use for even reasonably short periods – but a fast keyboard will make your typing faster too. And the logitech one is really, really fast.





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  1. Can you use the Windows key as an Apple key?

    By the way, I’ve just switched to Camino (can’t take the way Firefox makes my computer feel like a 486 with 8 megs of RAM), and WordPress STILL doesn’t automatically enter my name, email etc. Even though I went and tracked down my password and logged in again. Bastards have something against Mozilla browsers, obviously.

  2. Stephen, just register with the site. When you’re logged in, you can ignore all the form apart from the comment bit. And you can stay logged in permanently.

  3. Gary

    Yeah, that’s what I do.

  4. But I AM registered, and I AM permanently logged in (which means, thank goodness, that I can ignore the captcha) but the captcha is the only thing I can ignore; the entire form is blank even though I’m logged in (which I must be because I never fill in the captcha and it always lets me post).

  5. Gary

    That’s weird.

  6. Yes, the entire form is blank, but, if you’re logged in, you don’t need to fill any of it in. Go on, try it.

  7. NOW he tells me!

  8. Fuck, I can’t believe I wasted all that time filling in those sodding boxes! Why in sod’s name doesn’t WordPress autofill the info like Haloscan??? Piss-poor UI design.