A useful techy tip for PCs with integrated graphics

I was poking around my laptop’s BIOS the other day (as you do) and discovered a useful thing: the BIOS enables me to change the amount of memory given over to the integrated graphics, so I upped it from 64MB to (I think) 256MB. And the laptop’s faster now. Woo!





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  1. mupwangle

    Remembering that that memory is taken from your main system memory so if you’ve only got 384Mb memory then it will have the opposite effect.

  2. Gary

    Oh, absolutely, it’s shared RAM. But upgrading the onboard from a half gig to a gig and then giving 1/4 of that to graphics makes a really big difference, particularly on vista.

  3. Gary

    Oh, and I’ve no idea what particular machines it applies to. The one I’m using’s an AMD Turion 64 system with on-board ATI Radeon 1100.

  4. mupwangle

    Probably most of them are capable of it – it’s whether the option is enabled. There’s no harm in looking.