Why wait for the iPhone when you can have one of these next month?

This’ll gladden Squander Two’s heart: Nokia’s new N95 phone (Nokia prefers to describe it as a computer) comes out next month in Europe and looks pretty nifty.


Here’s the interesting bits:

  • 3G, 3.5G and Wi-Fi
  • 5MP camera
  • Integrated GPS and mapping
  • FM radio
  • Support for stereo bluetooth
  • It’ll be subsidised by operators – current prices look around the high £200s, but that’ll fall
  • You’ll be able to buy it on a network that doesn’t charge a billion pounds per megabyte
  • It comes with A FREE HORSE!

OK, I’m lying about the horse. Battery life appears to be shite – about ten seconds for 3G and seven hours in music only mode – and you’ll need Micro SD cards to store your music and photos, but as it’s a typical Symbian-powered Nokia it’s going to be a decent phone that’s easy to customise and expand.

Bloody ugly though.