The sweet smell of hypocrisy

This is the cover of this week’s Now magazine:

Now magazine: Jade front cover

It’s pretty appalling, but the worst bit is the editor’s letter. As it explains, Now employed Jade Goody as a columnist until November of last year, and her contract is well and truly terminated. The implication is that Now has sacked her because of her Big Brother performance, presumably by using a time machine, and the ed’s letter basically says “we employed her but we didn’t realise that she’s more evil than Hitler. Burn the witch!”

There’s a sad irony here:  Now’s appalled at what it sees as Goody’s bullying behaviour, so it’s decided to, er, bully her. Given that Jade isn’t the sharpest tool in the box and is hardly the most secure person in the world, this kind of vilification might have a very unhappy ending.





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  1. > Jade isn’t the sharpest tool in the box

    She’s sharp enough to have parlayed her first Big Brother appearance into a multi-million-pound business empire.

    I don’t see the problem here. Contestants know how public their behaviour will be while they’re in there. Jade knew better than most, having done it before. And she saw the massive public support for Jodie Marsh last time, so knows how well bullying goes down. She went in with her eyes open.

    When she was good on Big Brother, she became incredibly popular and wealthy. Now she’s been bad on Big Brother, and has become extremely unpopular and is losing her income streams. In my book, that’s an almost perfect example of fairness.

  2. She’s still making front covers though!

    Also of note is that (I’ve heard that) she has the same agent as Davina M, Russell B and Dermot O. As the least talented one of the bunch its fair to imagine the agent thinking, “Three of my clients make a fistful of cash out of repeated appearances on BB – I might just have a cunning plan…”

  3. Gary

    > I don’t see the problem here.

    Well, it makes me think of the other Big Brother – specifically, the two minute hate. I think it’s way over the top.

    > Also of note is that (I’ve heard that) she has the same agent as Davina M, Russell B and Dermot O.

    Yeah, I’d heard that too.

    Apparently the big story is her DVD – now that it’s said she got lipo rather than exercise to lose pounds, people are returning her flab-fighting DVDs and demanding refunds.

  4. > I think it’s way over the top.

    Oh, it is. But she was perfectly happy to profit — more profitably than any other BB contestant, probably — from the over-the-top coverage when it was in her favour, and she deliberately went on to what might as well be called The Over-the-top Coverage Show fully intending to get as much more over-the-top coverage as she could. Hence, I see no problem.