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I spent a bit of time blathering yesterday for .net magazine’s inaugural podcast, which should appear on Monday (22nd January). It’s hosted by Paul Boag of and in addition to a clearly cold-ridden me, it also features people who actually know what they’re talking about: .net ed Dan Oliver and web experts Andy Budd and Chris Heilmann. For the first episode we’ve blabbed about the iPhone and whether it’s going to change the mobile internet, the problems of HTML handling in Outlook 2007, how to get work in web development and who would win in a fight between Sugababes and Girls Aloud. One of those bits may be a lie.

In best web 2.0 style we’re making it up as we go along, so any comments – what you’d like the podcast to cover, who you’d like it to feature – would be very welcome (via the .net site, not here – I’m a mere contributor).

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Actually, go try and subscribe to it. Or to download it. Go on. I dare you. In fact, as June Whitfield would have it, I double dare you, motherscratcher.

Surely if anyone is gonna have no usability issues it would be .net magazine’s website?

Actually, go try and subscribe to it.

The .net one that won’t be there till monday?

Don’t remember you heralding being on the MacFormat one.

Oh, I thought I had. Sorry.

I didn’t say first thing monday :) Anyway, when it’s up it’s easy to find – the big word “podcast” in the main nav bar…

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