iPod + mobile phone + little tablet Mac = iPhone

Wow with a capital wow. Apple’s iPhone turns out to be a cross between an iPod, a phone and a tablet Mac. It’s a widescreen iPod with a touch screen, and from the stuff Engadget’s throwing up right now (including the image below) it’s possibly the sexiest device ever made.


The keynote’s still going on as I write this so I’ve no idea of price, availability etc. I hope it’s coming to the UK and doesn’t cost a bomb.

A few minutes later…

If this is as good as it looks, the iPhone could be more important than the Mac. Because it’s an OS X device it’s got a proper version of Safari, so you can do things like Google Maps and other AJAX goodness. Proper email and push email too, and Dashboard-style widgets. Blimey.

Update again…

There have been a few rumours that this might be Steve Jobs’ last keynote. If so, this is turning out to be a hell of a final performance.