How can the iPhone possibly compete with this?

I’ve just upgraded to the Sony Ericsson W950i – I like SE phones, because they’re Mac-friendly (with iSync, at least) and the music sound quality’s excellent. So here’s a good example of what the iPhone’s up against – the process of transferring contacts and tunes from your Mac to a w950i.

  • Connect phone to Mac via USB. Nothing happens.
  • Connect via Bluetooth. The phone isn’t iSync-compatible.
  • Manually select entries in Address Book and send via Bluetooth file exchange.
  • Open resulting vCard in phone and save to contacts.

That was the easy bit. Now, transferring music to the phone.

  • Set up a network between your PC and Mac. You do have a PC as well as a Mac, don’t you? And a network card and ethernet cable?
  • Transfer your music to the PC manually via the Finder.
  • Install SE software on Vista.
  • Discover – at the very end of the installation – that the software isn’t compatible with Vista.
  • Restart the PC and boot into XP. You do have a dual-boot PC, don’t you?
  • Install the SE software again.
  • Discover that a mysterious install error means the install can’t be completed.
  • Download a new version from the SE support site. Better hope you have broadband, ’cause it’s 34MB.
  • Install the new version of the SE software.
  • Watch as a mysterious error stops the install from proceeding.
  • Update ActiveSync and reboot the PC, remembering to choose XP instead of Vista.
  • Install the SE software yet again.
  • Drag and drop the files using the Sony Ericsson file manager.

As you can see, IT JUST WORKS!!!!!

*weeps salty tears of rage*