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What the world needs right now is yet another closed music system

That’s what Sony seems to think, anyway. From Wired:

Next holiday season could see a new approach from Sony in the MP3 player space — one that could resemble Apple’s iTunes/iPod combo or Microsoft’s similarly-unified Zune approach

*bangs head off desk*

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But Sony tried that already! And Atrac was much more restrictive than both iTunes and Zune (although Zune is more restrictive than iTunes).

Looks like the content execs are back in the driving seat at Sony. No doubt emboldened by Microsoft’s caving to Universal.

I bet Sony’s hardware division would absolutely love to do a completely unencumbered DRM-free player. Unfortunately they’ve got SonyBMG Music pulling very hard in the other direction.

Silly really. The completely closed and obsfucated way they write everything – even unprotected MP3s – onto the Walkman completely buggers it. It’s unusable with anything but Sonicstage, which obviously doesn’t work with this Mac :(

Olly, I think you’re right – it’s been reported before that there have been big rows between Sony the hardware company and Sony the media company, which is why everyone’s got an iPod instead of a Network Walkman. I’ve mentioned this before but when I first reviewed MP3 players the Sony ones were miles ahead of the iPod in sound quality, battery life and sheer sexiness – until you tried to put tunes on them, at which point they became an absolute nightmare.

I’m particularly baffled when Sony’s already tried the ecosystem thing: Walkman, ATRAC and the Connect Store. That was a huge success, wasn’t it?

Oops, last line of that comment should have said “as Stephen’s already pointed out”.

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