Popjustice are flogging t-shirts


That one made me laugh. More here.





0 responses to “Popjustice are flogging t-shirts”

  1. david

    I keep getting a popup whenever I hover over links. What you up to?

  2. Gary

    It’s deliberate – it’s the Snap search thing, which shows a preview of linked pages when you move over the link. I thought it was groovy – is it annoying?

  3. david

    not particularly. Just hadn’t seen it before.

  4. tm

    >is it annoying

    well yes, it’s faster than a tool tip (which I admit are sometimes frustratingly slow) and waaaay larger, but give me time and I might get used to it.

  5. Gary

    OK, I’ll leave ’em up just now but I’ll zap them if everyone decides they’re evil.

  6. tm

    yeah give it time and see if we get used to them.