iTrips, other MP3-to-FM transmitters legal in a week or so

Ofcom’s confirmed that, as of 8th December, iTrips and other iPod-FM transmitters will finally be legal in the UK. Which is good news for the thousands of you who’ve bought such things and put them in a drawer, saying “oh, I wish Ofcom would make it legal so I can actually use it”.






0 responses to “iTrips, other MP3-to-FM transmitters legal in a week or so”

  1. Phew! What a relief! I was starting to worry that I might have wasted my money, buying something I could never use. Thank goodness the kindly people at Ofcom have my best interests at heart, and are always there, like a benevolent giant, hovering over us all to protect us from ourselves. Isn’t big government great? What would we do without them?

  2. Gary

    It’s nice to know that absolutely nobody in the UK will use such a transmitter until the 8th. Because they know that doing so would be illegal and very, very wrong.

  3. A hovering giant?

  4. Yeah, like those sales assistants who follow you around the store, in case you steal something. Only bigger.