Google makes its Office move

Google’s rebranded Writely, linked it with its own Spreadsheets service and put the two of ’em together at Google Docs & Spreadsheets. Mmmm, catchy!

In other Google news, rumours are predicting a Facebook acquisition – and apparently the firm is also working on “sharks with frickin’ laser beams”.





0 responses to “Google makes its Office move”

  1. Well, one thing you could never accuse Google of, is catchy, cool names for their products. Or even themselves: a name only a maths nerd could love. Adsense and Adwords are too similar. And I get so annoyed about the Gmail/Googlemail thing: I have clients who got accounts after the UK cutoff date and they look blankly when I say Gmail. Anyway, I predict the same startling lack of success for these as for all their other non-Gmail non-search products.

  2. Gary

    I do sometimes wonder whether Google’s strategy is driven less by solid business directives and more by overdosing on cartoons and Sunny Delight.

  3. They have a strategy?