The case of the disappearing blog post

Weird… I responded to a TechCrunch UK post this morning which said:

BuySigns Signs On To The Web

Devon based, BuySigns has launched a new service enabling people to build their own house and office signs online.  Although this service will not revolutionise the world or probably make BuySigns an acquisition target for Yahoo!, it is interesting to see how more and more niche high street services are now moving to the web.

I can’t remember the exact words, but I’d written something like this:

“Now moving to the Web”? These kinds of businesses have been online for years… signmakers, organic farmers, guitar shops… niche businesses were using the Web for years before the big brands.

I didn’t think I was being particularly opinionated, and didn’t mention that you’ve been able to buy signs from for at least four years. But the post and my comment have disappeared.

Surely it’s bad blog etiquette to delete a post when someone’s commented on it? That’s what I thought, which is why so much of this blog has people pointing out that I’m an arse.