Terrorism: good for business

Press release from Laplink:

Many prefer laptop-free travel experience: Laplink offers safe and simple alternative to traveling with a laptop

Bellevue – August 14, 2006.  In an unexpected twist, some airline travelers who thought they would be inconvenienced with recent airline carry-on restrictions found that travel was easier without their laptop.

“No question, it is easier,” said Warren D’Mello, who flew through Heathrow en route to Toronto on Monday. “Instead of carrying my laptop, I left it in my office – and then accessed it remotely.  I know my laptop is perfectly safe and I know that I won’t get slowed down by security.”

D’Mello isn’t the only traveler to discover this. As airport security restrictions were tightened last week, thousands of airline passengers were looking for a solution to their carry-on problems.  Many of them found what they were looking for with Laplink Everywhere.

“Our product, Laplink Everywhere, allows you to access your PC any time from anywhere using any device that has Internet access,” explained Laplink Chairman and CEO Thomas Koll.  “So for example, you can use a PC in the hotel business center or borrow a PC at the business or friend you are visiting, and then work as if you were sitting in front of your remote PC, no matter where you are and no matter where your PC is located.”

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