Look ma, I’m on the internet


A few of my scribbles are on the spanking new .net website: a piece about online quackery, and a piece on invite-only networks. I love the illustrations in both…

By Invitation Only

The internet has cracked international communication wide open. This global conversation means that cats can talk to kings but what if the king is reluctant to talk to the cat? In the real world, most people choose their friends carefully: when you’re having a group of friends round for dinner, you don’t invite the odd passing tramp as well…

Pills, Thrills and Bellyaches

Drugs are dangerous enough when they’re real, but counterfeits are even scarier. Last year, a factory making fake drugs in Colombia was raided and 800,000 counterfeit tablets were seized. The factory was filthy and the drugs’ ingredients included brick dust, pesticide, floor wax and paint…

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It is, yeah. I was a reader long before I ever wrote for it… it got me excited about this whole internet lark and introduced me to the phrase “monged on cake”.

> and if you’re ever writing a piece on podcast


It’s spelt correctly in my copy. Must be internet gremlins that go around changing perfectly good spellings…

It’s correct in your copy? Nice to see that the developers stock ‘it works on my machine’ response translates ;-)

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