A very superficial review of the Sony Ericsson w810i Walkman phone

First impressions: once I stick a (ruinously expensive) 4 gig memory card in it it’s good enough to replace my iPod mini, Motorola Razr and Kodak compact camera. Sound quality is noticeably better than my mini, being a Mac user means I don’t even have to consider the undoubtedly horrible software that comes with it, the camera features are nifty and the only concerns so far are the user interface (not brilliant) and the reliability (David, who regularly comments round here, has one and finds it occasionally flaky).

As ever it’s not a freebie: I actually parted with Real Cash Money for it.

(Sorry for the lack of activity of late. I’m trapped under deadline mountain again.)





0 responses to “A very superficial review of the Sony Ericsson w810i Walkman phone”

  1. tm

    I thought David had a W810 not the 800, same as I do. Although he has probably changed it again by now, he does have the attention span of a goldfish ;-)

  2. Gary

    You’re right, I’m wrong, typo fixed.

  3. david

    Actually it’s been OK since the randomness of last week. Apparently the flashing white screen is it’s attempt to self-repair. The only long-term niggle is the occasional abort when taking pictures.