Ow, my eyes


Is anyone else getting horrible blurry text on the front page of Amazon.co.uk? I suspect it’s a combination of OS X, Firefox and some weird font issue. Doesn’t seem to affect any of Amazon’s other pages, either.

7 thoughts on “Ow, my eyes

  1. tm says:

    Does happen for me with IE6 on W2K and I didn’t notiuce it last nigth with FF on WXP. If I can be bothered I’ll heat up the mini mac tonight and see if I can see it there. Have you tried safari and camino? (if it happens in Camino too it must be a Gecko thingy).

  2. tm says:

    ach! DOESN’T Happen. I wish I could spell. The version of FF with spell checking on text boxes can’t come soon enough…

  3. tm says:

    Hmmm. I’ll try camino tonight then – same rendering engine. if that still doens’t work I’ll kick my debug build of FF into shape and if that still isn’t working I guess I’ll think about logging a firefox bug about it. I wonder if amazon are serving different content to different browsers. Remember when they used to? The glory days of the more expensive prices when you used netscape…

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