Game likes Wii (with photos)

There’s only one single thing you need to know about the Wii: That it’s sheer, unadulterated, peerless and incalculable FUN – for kids of all ages… and we mean that right up to those grown-up kids with mortgages and half-pints of their own.

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  1. Alright already, I’ll buy the flippin’ thing!

    Don’t see the point of hype when there’s no way to actually get the thing. Compare and contrast Apple: the moment Steve finishes saying “Just one more thing…” the product pages go live in the Apple Store. No messing about.

  2. Gary

    I think Nintendo needs to do something to reach normal punters, especially given the marketing muscle that’ll kick in over the PS3 (and the retaliatory campaign that will no doubt come from Microsoft). I’m definitely tempted, which suggests that this is working… I’m not the sort of person who’d normally consider a nintendo at all, let alone a second console under the telly.