Adbusters is looking for writers

…and it’s paying. Here’s the info:

Dear Jammers and Creatives,

We’re already hard at work on the next issue – #68, dedicated to
creative non-fiction – and we’re hoping that some of you will let us
pick your brains. We’re looking for 100 to 200 word, punchy, sad, crazy,
or rude pieces inspired by a major event or epiphany in your life. It
could be about anything really . . . a haiku, a poem, a travel
remembrance, an anecdote about living in the post s11 era, a piece about
discovering one of your family’s dark secrets. We’re looking for stories
that provoke and that go straight to the heart, with a “slice of life”
feeling to them.

We’d like to pepper these short pieces throughout our upcoming issue.
One warning: the deadline is tight, so we need all submissions sent to
by July 26th. If we decide to go with your
submission, you’ll get to see your name in print, and we’ll also pay you
50 cents/word.

Remember: keep it short, keep it true, and fire it off to us as quickly
as you can.

The Adbusters Team.