Total Broadband

I’m quite impressed by BT’s Total Broadband service, which gives you 8MB broadband, a wi-fi phone, 250 minutes per month of BT OpenZone Wi-Fi access and if you go for the most expensive option at £22.99 per month, the Fusion service that turns your mobile into a landline when you’re at home. I nearly ordered it, before spotting the bandwidth limit: the most expensive offering gives you just 40GB per month – fine for your average home punter, but not for your humble demo-downloading, ISO-burning, huge zip file-chucking technology hack. Boo.





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  1. I quite liked the idea of the Orange BB, until The Register (I think) pointed out it was capped ar 2GB. That’s not even a months worth of Dr Who. I’ve spoken to a few Wanadoo users and no-one’s ever been cllipped on anything, but I’m not going to fork out for any cap.

    Might ask how much cheaper it would be for me to drop the land line, seing as I’ve finally got a contract phone. Would need to learn my mobile number, though.

  2. david

    I’ve been with Orange as a mobile provider for a number of years on and off. Their customer service has deteriorated from being the best (not only in the industry but the best in any customer service role….ever) to being by far the worst of any company. General complacency, misinformation and so on. I’ve left orange on numerous occasions to go to O2 (who suck), vodafone (who suck) and t-mobile (who suck but at least seem to acknowledge it and are trying to improve) and until a couple of years ago I always wen t back to Orange. Not anymore. They have redefined sucky CS. Giving them broadband cannot be a good thing.

  3. Gary

    I’ve found O2 all right, if expensive, and I never really had problems with Orange. But if you’re looking for a really incompetent broadband provider, I’d strongly recommend Bulldog. They’re hilariously bad at basic stuff such as taking direct debits from the correct account… when I’m less busy I’m dumping them, but I don’t know for whom yet.

  4. Gary

    I really don’t see the point of ultra-low caps: the whole point of broadband is the video-watching, demo-downloading, massive internet piracy (not officially, of course) thing, and if you do those things you’ll hit the cap in minutes.