The ten most tech-savvy rock stars

According to Business Week, they are:

Franz Ferdinand, because Sony released a Franz MP3 player

Neil Young, because his album appeared online a week before release

Bono, because Motorola makes a RED version of the SLVR phone

Chuck D, because he saw the way the MP3 wind was blowing

U2, for lending their name to an iPod

Prince, for releasing a major album online back in 1997

David Bowie, for running his own ISP

Moby, for campaigning for net neutrality

DJ Danger Mouse, for the Beatles-sampling Grey Album

Lupe Fiasco, because T-Mobile put two of his songs on phones in advance of his album launch

OK, Business Week’s a business magazine, but their most tech-savvy musicians are largely “musicians with tech-savvy marketing departments behind them”. I’m surprised they haven’t included Gary Glitter for his extensive knowledge of the JPEG image file format.