Recommendations wanted

Never mind blogging about blogging: I’m so hardcore that I’m blogging about writing about blogging. And if it works, I might write about it and then blog about the writing about the blogging about the writing about the blogging.
Er… anyway. I’m doing a feature about great British blogs, and I thought I’d ask your good selves whether you’ve become addicted to any good ‘uns. I’ve already got politics, personal and sci/tech/web stuff covered (although if you know of something that’s utterly, blindingly brilliant then by all means let me know) but I’d be interested in any lifestyle/entertainment blogs you like.

As you’d expect, I can’t plug friends’ sites, or my own. Bah.






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  1. My favourites are Natalie Solent and The Sporadic Chronicle, for whatever it’s worth. Neither of them are lifestyle or entertainment, though. Sorry.

  2. Gary


    BTW, any comments in this thread might take a while to appear – WordPress is set up to hold comments for moderation if they contain 2 or more links. It’s an anti-spam thing.

  3. Well, that’s just not good enough.

  4. Gary

    Unfortunately automated spamming’s a big problem with WordPress blogs (and I presume, other systems too) – in one day alone last month, there were 49 individual spams from sex sites. Then again, maybe I should have kept ’em in for the google traffic :)

  5. Musch as I suspect this isn’t whayt you have in mind….

    I’ve got a bit of an addiction to mp3 blogs. I’m going to have to get a new hard drive to cope with the ridiculous amount of (justifiable) obscure early eighties yank hardcore. It’s also costing me a fortune on eBay.

    However, probably the ‘best’ one is Dust On The Stylus; everything from Deacon Blue covering Julian Cope to Lieutenant Pigeon b-sides.

  6. I have no idea if it’s intelligible to those who haven’t studied Middle English but I quite enjoy Geoffrey Chaucer’s blog; the interview with Parys is choice: Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog

  7. Gary

    They’re superb, gentlemen.

  8. Blogging is blogging. Blogging about blogging is meta-blogging. Blogging about blogging about blogging is meta-meta-blogging. And so on. I think I’ve managed to get to meta4-blogging so far.

    Diamond Geezer is great.

  9. Gary

    4th level? You should qualify for a special outfit, or at least a cape and a special hat.

    Thanks for the recommendation (and to everyone else who’s suggested good ‘uns). I’d better go and write the piece now…

  10. Hello. Probably too late but there are a load of entertaining blogs produced by Shiny Media. I contribute to Corrie Blog ( and there are fashion, music, gadgets, football, books and telly.

  11. Gary

    Hi Linda, thanks for the tip. You’re right, the feature’s finished now, but there’s at least one Shiny blog in there. Possibly two, unless the Ed violently disagrees with my choices :)