Sony’s sat-nav may be a bad buy until August

This wee beastie is the Sony NV-U50 in-car sat-nav system, which would be brilliant if it weren’t for one teeny-weeny problem: some of the map data is out of date, particularly in Southern Ireland and parts of the West of Scotland.

Sat-nav without up-to-date map data isn’t ideal. It means encountering huge scary roundabouts that the sat-nav doesn’t know about, or discovering that the sat-nav thinks you’ve gone off-road when you’re pootling along a dual carriageway. I mailed Sony to moan, and they say:

While there are no updates at present, there are plans to release these in DVD format in the near future. This has been tentatively arranged for August/September. These maps are currently under development by Navtech.

No indication of whether those updates will be free, mind you. I suspect not.





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  1. Anonymous


  2. sony satnav are a waste of space thats why sony have stopped producing them,

    be like me and email BBCTV WATCH DOG together we can unite and then watch dog will put sony to shame and then we might get our money back for a product that is ——- useless

    gerry h

  3. I would suggest you forget sony map update,I bought one direct from sony,I followed the download instructions all it done was lock my satnav completly,sony tech department told me to remove the download,and downloaded it again,
    there tech/dept now say I should send my satnav to there repair dept,at my expense,my satnav is
    blocked and I cannot reset it at all,
    any complaints you should consider contacting BBC/WATCH DOG ,If they enough complaints then
    we have a chance of getting our money back,sony have stopped producing any more satnav ,there staff told me they have been a disaster sony just want to forget all the people like us who been cond by them,
    gerry h