Another month, another evening where I’ll be the oldest person at a gig: on Sunday night I’m off to see Girls Aloud, or at least I will be if the honest-looking eBay seller doesn’t rip me off. Yay!





0 responses to “Poptastic”

  1. david

    Is it just me or does that photo look like Cheryl Tweedy was late and was photoshopped in later?

  2. Gary

    Yeah, it does a bit.

  3. tm

    No, it’s you. After all I’m sure she really is about 5% larger than all the others girls and lit from a different source in real life too.

  4. david

    She’s famous for it.

  5. So, which one’s that? They all look photoshoped in to me.

  6. tm

    Yeah, but four of them looked like they were photoshopped in *together*… ;-)