Another blog recommendation

I keep meaning to explain why various sites are on my blogroll, but I never have time to do it – so instead, from time to time I’ll highlight one and explain why it’s great. Today’s entry is Carlton Hibbert’s illustration blog: the talented Mr Hibbert is a designer/illustrator on .net magazine, and his blog talks about the magazine as well as highlighting the work of some impossibly clever illustrators.





0 responses to “Another blog recommendation”

  1. Hey, thanks for the shout out Gary. Erm, I do have to point out though that I’ve now moved to another mag. Yes, I’m now up to my ears in casino chips on WPT Poker mag. Or should that be Kasino chips?

  2. Gary

    Heh. Is it a career gamble?


  3. Hmm. I’ll see your pun and raise you a sarcastic reply…
    *collects the pot*

  4. Gary

    Haha :)