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I am the singer, bassist and messingaroundist in Glasgow band DMGM. We make poppy rock music and rocky pop music, and our debut album Good Times, High Times and Hard Times was released in August 2013. It was the first bit of music I’d released since the demise of my previous band, Kasino, in 2004.

Kasino played all kinds of gigs in and around Scotland (and occasionally beyond) from the late 1990s until late 2004. We did a lot of fun things: supported bands including Mansun (at Glasgow Barrowland, fulfilling a childhood ambition), Miles Hunt, Biffy Clyro, Cosmic Rough Riders and Dave Sharp from The Alarm, played the T-break stage at T in the Park and appeared on countless radio programmes and the odd TV show. I always vowed that I’d stop if it ever stopped being fun, and by 2004 being in Kasino had stopped being fun.

I know I’m usually self-deprecating to the point where I’ll claim everything I’ve ever done is rubbish, but I’m really proud of the new songs: David (my brother and the other half of DMGM) and I have worked really hard on them and put our hearts and souls into the music, and I’d be very grateful to anyone who can help get the music to more people. If you like what you hear I’d appreciate it if you could share the songs with others.

Incidentally, if you know of anybody who’s looking for instrumental music for a video they’re doing, a podcast they’re making, a radio show or whatever, I’m quite happy to get instrumental versions of the songs to you – drop me an email, gary at this website address. And I’d love to hear from anyone with visual ideas to go with the songs, because our video budget is exactly zero.

Here are some links. Where we control the pricing, eg on CDbaby, the prices are cheaper than the Amazon, Google and iTunes stores: we have to stick to those stores’ pricing policies.

Bandcamp (pay what you want, including free)
Google Play
Soundcloud (streaming)

Dmgm: Good Times, High Times and Hard Times

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  1. Hey there,

    I was just listening to Rise off the ‘You don’t have to be alone’ EP and wondered what happened to Kasino. Google-fu paid off and it’s great to hear there might be some more music from yourself in at least the next geological era ;-)

    all the best,


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