Contact / Personal

If you’re nice, interesting or both, I’d love to hear from you.

But please, please, please don’t send me things that aren’t relevant to what I do here. This is a personal blog, not a commercial website: I don’t run guest posts, I don’t do paid links, I don’t publish sponsored posts and I don’t work for free unless you’re a friend or a charity.

If you’re trying to get coverage of a product, a service or a crowdfunder, please contact the appropriate publication(s) directly.

I’d love to reply politely to every incoming email but there’s too much of it. I’m afraid the following are just deleted, often accompanied by the sound of swearing:

  • Any kind of unsolicited content: infographics, articles, blog posts, CEO comment
  • Unsolicited offers of chats with the CEO of a firm I’m not writing about
  • Requests for product reviews where I pretend to be an ordinary customer
  • Requests to work for “exposure”; my bank manager says that isn’t real money
  • Requests for me to add links to articles I wrote seven years ago
  • Press releases about sectors or topics I’ve never, ever written about
  • Follow-ups about press releases that weren’t relevant in the first place
  • Follow-ups about my lack of response to the follow-ups
  • Anything addressed to the wrong name
  • Trolling

It’s not you. It’s the other guys. They’ve ruined things for everyone.

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