CV: Carrie Marshall, freelance writer, copywriter and broadcaster

I write features, news stories, columns, web copy, brochures, advertorials, press releases, profiles, tutorials, reviews, radio scripts, blogs and books.

I’m very good. You should hire me.

Magazines and newspapers

My first byline appeared in .net magazine in 1998, and I’ve been crafting scintillating copy ever since. I’ve written millions of words – features, editorials, reviews, news stories and opinion columns – for publications including T3, .net, MacFormat and many, many other technology titles: Mac|Life, iPad User, PC Plus, PC Answers, Computer Arts, Digital Home, What Laptop, Official Windows Magazine, Tap!… I’ve also written for a wide range of non-techy titles including various newspapers, The Big Issue, The People’s Friend and the Institute of Directors magazine.

Copywriting and corporate

Most of my time is spent on corporate projects, most of which are secret. However, among the jobs I’m allowed to talk about I’ve crafted print, website and social media copy for all kinds of clients including Halifax, Dell (the very successful Dell Creative Studio campaign, for which I created 9 double-page print ads, wrote 27 online articles and managed the CMS), John Lewis, Microsoft, HTC, Three, Samsung and LogMeIn.

I’ve written SEO templates for search portals and small print for supermarkets, website copy for media distributors, FAQs for ebook publishers and copy for timber companies, photo agencies, internet providers, financial websites, healthcare app developers and mobile payment providers. I’ve written pieces for gadget sites and travel magazines, and I’m particularly proud of my ongoing work with audio obsessives Linn Products.

Online and digital

Since 2007 I’ve contributed hundreds of articles – news, features, buying guides and columns – to, the hugely successful UK technology website, and you’ll find my work on excellent sites including BBC Online,, Tom’s Guide, Pocket-Lint,,,, and Lifehacker UK.

I’ve also contributed hundreds of articles to phone and tablet websites, to financial comparison websites and to student websites, and I’m a regular contributor to where I write about gender, life hacks and parenting.


I’ve just finished a series of books about effective business communications and I spent early 2018 ghost-writing a book on behalf of some well-known media figures. The latter is already out and winning rave reviews.

Under my old name I wrote two Haynes manuals – The Laptop Manual and Working from Home – and I co-wrote several editions of the same publisher’s Build Your Own Computer, Build Your Own Website and Computer Troubleshooting manuals.

I also wrote five books about music, co-wrote a book of rock and pop trivia, contributed to books about digital media and copy edited a guide to music’s role in child development. I also self-published a novel on Amazon’s Kindle platform, which sold enough copies to buy my then-wife a car. Not a brilliant car, admittedly, but still. A car!


I’ve been a talking head on various radio stations since 2003, and for more than a decade I was the weekly “technology guru” on BBC Radio Scotland’s MacAulay & Co as well as a popping up on programmes such as the John Beattie programme, NewsDrive and The Culture Studio. I was doing it so long I even had a theme tune, Kraftwerk’s Computer Love. I’m now a weekly contributor to the BBC’s Kaye Adams programme, where I help people make sense of technology.

I can write radio as well as appear on it: in 2007 I co-wrote the script for I Wish I’d Thought Of That, a six-part Radio 2 documentary series presented by Kate Thornton.

What I used to do

Before I became a full-time writer in 1999 I spent several years working for a training and recruitment company. I wrote training courses, proposals, tenders, support materials, guidance notes, flyers and newspaper adverts, and I delivered training and assessed people for vocational qualifications. Before that I worked in a glass factory.

What I do when I’m not working

I write music. I’ve played gigs ranging from Glasgow Barrowlands and T in The Park to five-year-olds’ birthday parties, teenage beauty competitions and gangsters’ private functions, and as a result I’ve been heckled, bottled, threatened with knives, harassed by the police, molested, mocked in national newspapers, electrocuted, ripped off, chased by hormone-crazed women and even set on fire, although not all at the same time.

I’m a member of Scottish Women Inventing Music, an organisation that’s focused on levelling the playing field for women in every part of the music industry in Scotland. I’m in the Activism & Advocacy group.

What other people say about me

“Just magnificent. Not only highly professional and rigorous, but Carrie has just the most wonderful, enviable ability to write perfect copy. It can be clean and authoritative, polemical, or hilarious, or anywhere in between. One of my greatest joys as an editor was commissioning her to write copy about dry subject, because she could not only make difficult subjects lucid, but would leaven the copy with a lightness of touch and with humour. Not silly, everyone-look-at-me humour, but the kind of glittering, mischievous wit that springs delightedly out on you when you weren’t expecting it. Think Adams, think Pratchett – but at a level entirely appropriate for the commission. One of the best in the business.”
– Christopher Phin, DC Thomson (formerly Future Publishing)

“When I’m looking for a writer who can explain technical subjects in an entertaining and accessible manner, and get their copy in on time, every time, I call Carrie. If you’re looking for a writer you can rely on, you should call her, too” 
– Paul Douglas, editor in chief,

“Carrie is .net magazine’s longest standing contributor, and with good reason. Carrie consistently turns in great copy, and writes with wit and authority, without ever being patronising. I’d happily recommend Carrie for any tech-related wordiness” 
– Dan Oliver, editor, .net

“Subbing and CMSing copy can be a chore. But never if written by @carrieinglasgow – the master of ‘good words good words BLAM hilarious joke'”
– James Rivington,

“Carrie is the kind of writer every editor wants in their address book – knowledgeable, professional, reliable, and able to inject a much-needed dose of personality into even the driest subjects.” – Cat Ellis, downloads editor,

“Have never written a review before but just had to with this one. I will keep it short as there is only one word for this am sad to say it was rubbish” 
– “Jody” on, reviewing my novel

(Some quotes have been edited to reflect my name/pronoun change; everything else is verbatim)