Author: Gary

  • Elbow: Lippy Kids

    I really like this. Sorry if I’ve already bored you with it on Facebook.

  • Flippism

    I keep meaning to mention Prof. Batty’s Flippism Is The Key blog. It’s hard to categorise, but I really love the writing. Today’s post, The Pack, is another good one, encapsulating the bad side of school days in a few hundred words.

  • How to make the press report good science

    There’s an interesting discussion on Ben Goldacre’s Bad Science site about the way in which the media regularly publishes scare stories, but never prints the evidence that shows the stories were bollocks. The article talks about a favourite scare – mercury fillings in your teeth rot your brain, or something – which has been thoroughly…

  • Are the Yes Men at it again?

    Merry pranksters the Yes Men like issuing fake press releases and building fake web sites to embarrass corporations. I reckon this (recieved this morning) is one of them, or from a like-minded soul at least: Halliburton Solves Global Warming SurvivaBalls save managers from abrupt climate change An advanced new technology will keep corporate managers safe…

  • Scots politicians are bastards, again

    That’s me back in Scotland, the land where the Scottish Executive may soon be vetting pub menus. As Tim Worstall puts it: To steal a thought from PJ O’Rourke, at some point we’ll all admit that we’ve got enough government, have enough laws and simply don’t need any more. I’d submit that Scotland has already…

  • Taking a blog break

    I’m off to Ireland for a wedding this week, and I’m extending the trip a bit to do some visiting and generally bomb around the north and south of the country with nothing but wonky sat-nav to guide me. Assuming I don’t drive into the Liffey, I’ll be back next week.

  • TIme to kill Internet Explorer

    The forthcoming Internet Explorer 7 is pretty nifty, but should Microsoft abandon the browser altogether? John Dvorak thinks so, and puts together an excellent case: Microsoft should pull the browser out of the OS and discontinue all IE development immediately. It should then bless the folks with a cash endowment and take an investment…

  • Nintendo: taking the piss?

    I’d love to have been a fly on the wall at the meeting where Nintendo decided that the best name for its next-generation games console, codenamed the Revolution, was “wii” (pronounced “wee”). I’m with Engadget reader H20: Why not just call it the Nintendo WTF?

  • Eh?

    Just when you thought spam couldn’t get any weirder… this is the subject line for what I presume is some sort of rude site: frig hockied on her baz0ongie$ Either spam is getting more strange, or my knowledge of smutty terms is wayyyyy out of date.

  • I shouldn’t laugh, but I did

    From this week’s edition of The Onion: