On O2’s iPhone upgrade system

If you’re only allowing people to upgrade online and you’re encouraging every single one of them to visit at the same time, it might be an idea to check that (a) your website works and (b) it can cope with the demand.

Just a thought.

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  1. “Dear Mr Richard Cobbett,

    We’re pleased to inform you that your O2 upgrade order has now been dispatched.”


  2. >she left her Sony phone in the back garden and forgot about it. And then it rained for a long time. And I’d promised to buy her an iPhone anyway.

    Perhaps I just have a suspicious mind but lets see I’ve got this straight: First you promise to buy your wife an iPhone – then she suddenly leaves her current phone out in the rain “by mistake”?


  3. BTW, the app store is looking quite good. Wasn’t linked from the front page of iTunes earlier (dunno if it is now) but you can find it by searching for something you know the name of, eg super monkey ball.

  4. A lot of the store apps are the same as the jailbroken ones. Except you have to pay for some of them. The virtual pint of carling is quite silly. Facebook doesn’t work. Mophoto’s quite a good online gallery viewer. Shozu works well (something I missed from going to a non-java phone) Shazam seems to work really rather well.

    Haven’t had the chance to really play with 2.0 yet. Seems OK so far.

  5. I’m quite impressed with the implementation of shozu and shazam. Shozu integrates with Flickr and Facebook quite well and allows you to upload cameraphone picks. Shazam, once it’s identified the song, links to itunes to buy it or to the youtube video (if there is one).

  6. The itunes remote control is seriously cool. As long as you’re on the same LAN it works. Almost no setup.

    Sorry, geeking out a bit here. ;-)

  7. Carphone warehouse had 2000 16Gb available for next day delivery. They all disappeared by the guy had finished typing my address.

  8. @Flick – It does sound like christmas-time.

    I’m not sure I see the point. IMHO You’d be better off (for the money) with a ipod touch and a normal mobile phone or get it on contract. Without the data-plan, the iphone is pointless. They’ll be full price – same as the original one is most likely – £270 for the 8Gb and £330 for the 16Gb. Pay-and-go tariff doesn’t include data so you’ll pay £10 per month for unlimited data and wi-fi. (Which kinda defeats the purpose of pay and go)

    If you get the 8Gb on pay and go : 1 year=£390+call charges
    on contract: 1 year=£460

    The only problem is if you don’t want an 18 month contract.

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