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Image courtesy of MacFormat

Hello. My name’s Gary, and I live just outside Glasgow with my wife, my daughter, my toddler son and a black labrador. I’m a freelance journalist, columnist, author, copywriter, scriptwriter and radio talking head, and I write features, news stories and tutorials about technology, the Internet and pop culture for lots of magazines and websites as well as advertising copy for small businesses and multinational corporations alike.

My debut novel Coffin Dodgers was published in June 2011, and I’ve written lots of non-fiction books too: several books for young musicians, one on working from home and one about laptops. I’ve also co-authored lots of computing and music books, and when I’m not writing or arguing with people on the internet I make poppy rock music and rocky pop music.

Syndication, copyright and cash

Everything on this weblog is licensed under a non-commercial Creative Commons Licence. Feel free to quote, copy, email, print or set on fire any of the articles here, but using any of my stuff for commercial purposes is a no-no. The various site feeds are provided for personal syndication only, so if you’re site scraping and selling ads on the resulting pages you’d better offer me a cut or I’ll send the heavies round.