Mac owners more likely to buy music, wear polo-necks

Interesting press release from the NPD Group: 50% of Mac users pay for downloads compared to just 16% of PC users. They’re also more likely to buy CDs.

While there are demographic differences between Mac and PC owners (anybody got a link to reliable stats on that? I think it’d be fascinating), the most obvious explanation for the big difference in paid-for downloads is that the PC download market is a frustrating, confusing pain in the arse.






0 responses to “Mac owners more likely to buy music, wear polo-necks”

  1. Sources? We don’t need no steenkin’ sources! We is Mac users…

    I hate polo necks. But I am of course richer and smarter than the average PC user. So there’s your demographic.

    Good point about the PC download market. But there is iTunes for Windows…

  2. Gary

    Yeah, but on windows it’s just one of many options – and for a while it wasn’t an option at all.

    So there’s your demographic.

    Heh. Well, indeed – Macs are still more expensive than PCs. Particularly now with the post-vista laptop price crash. That, and of course PCs sell to absolutely everybody. I’m only really asking for a link to reliable stats to confirm what everybody knows.

    Tangent: Fake Steve is really on form this week.

  3. mupwangle

    >>Tangent: Fake Steve is really on form this week.

    That reminds me – some of your links on the right are out of date.

  4. Gary

    Oh balls. Any ones that you recall off the top of your head?

  5. mupwangle

    Funnygadget and Batflattery were the two I noticed. Thinksecret too, obviously. :-)